To register for a class please start by selecting the correct COURT OR AGENCY NAME that ordered/referred you: NOTE:  It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you select the CORRECT COURT or AGENCY Name of the entity that authorized/ordered you to attend traffic school so we report to the correct court.   Then, select driver license state, driver license number and your zip code.  Then, press “Check Eligibility”. This will determine which course type you are eligible for based upon the rules of the court / agency that referred you.  For Classroom Course, select the correct date and location you’d like to attend – If you don’t know how far the class is from you, map it to make sure you want to attend that course.  Then, choose “Add to Cart” to book that class.  After booking and paying, you will receive an email confirmation so please check email (and junk/spam mail if needed). If Online is available for the Court / Agency that you selected, it will appear as a selectable option. Just choose the online course (English or Spanish) and “Add to Cart” to purchase/attend that course. After booking and paying, you will receive an email requiring you to set a password for your login.  Your email address is your username/login.  If you paid by credit card, you will be able to login to the course after you have set your password.